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  1. BitchuteRip20200903/Brandon Martinez On Know More News-DpZ4kHAQDXke.mp4234.71 MB
  2. readme.txt237 bytes
  3. BitchuteRip20200903/400lbs Guatemalan Cave Troll Gets Swatted By Conquistador-c1eJ9heHPwN5.mp48.42 MB
  4. BitchuteRip20200903/A Talkative Negro Learns Some Facts About Black Crime-CKtDtLHVuGkh.mp414.72 MB
  5. BitchuteRip20200903/Afro-Queer Kid Meets Unsympathetic Conquistador-CZSLSuSrYn6w.mp41.85 MB
  6. BitchuteRip20200903/Angry African Thinks the Blacks Will Vote for Trump-SoMyy5mMRyKO.mp44.51 MB
  7. BitchuteRip20200903/Another Stupid White Girl Supports the Groids!-bq0ELgU2q7Hf.mp45.32 MB
  8. BitchuteRip20200903/Anti-White Loser Can't Explain Why He Supports BLM-YkUO0ED97A9y.mp42.19 MB
  9. BitchuteRip20200903/Are the Jews Really Innocent Victims-WmO7A97mCDA2.mp429.80 MB
  10. BitchuteRip20200903/Arguing With a Hedonistic Dyke-PNER9ki8ncge.mp412.16 MB
  11. BitchuteRip20200903/Battling a Black Bitch About Her Crybaby Grievance Narrative-UeuqnX6sJBgf.mp430.70 MB
  12. BitchuteRip20200903/Belligerent Bimbo Only Sees Black Victims-Mr8hSdrSErd8.mp423.05 MB
  13. BitchuteRip20200903/Berating a Gook Girl & Slut Friend-AsHm4KjS8LRN.mp416.81 MB
  14. BitchuteRip20200903/Black Emo Tranny Can't Argue With Facts About BLM Terrorists-y6Gya1dT5dwj.mp410.20 MB
  15. BitchuteRip20200903/Black Fag Doesn't Understand Anything-eNbMTjZ63i5c.mp419.85 MB
  16. BitchuteRip20200903/Black People Having a Picnic-hg5xQe0PebOI.mp436.88 MB
  17. BitchuteRip20200903/Blasting Some Jewish Teenagers About The Subversion of Their Race-Txx5NWEWboOM.mp415.42 MB
  18. BitchuteRip20200903/BLM Sheboon Justifies Looting-7HOhBto4GmYC.mp41.15 MB
  19. BitchuteRip20200903/Blue-Haired Shebeast Defends Hippy Globalism & Race-Mixing-oPRYl0y2zXK1.mp478.95 MB
  20. BitchuteRip20200903/Brandon Martinez & NoRace Debate Ethnonationalism-ySnOjfYwvc11.mp4167.62 MB
  21. BitchuteRip20200903/Brandon Martinez Debates Male Feminist-bQEOBLNnpHmb.mp444.99 MB
  22. BitchuteRip20200903/Brandon Martinez Interview With Turkish Journalist _ ALT-RIGHT-ovU91zfUqVp5.mp492.24 MB
  23. martinezperspective.jpg7.92 KB
  24. BitchuteRip20200903/British Bulldyke Supports Black Power & White Displacement-fizc8s0hqb1c.mp417.90 MB
  25. BitchuteRip20200903/Brown Guy is Informed that Academia is Run By White-Hating Bloodsucking Marxist Jews-p03qwzpPyUD5.mp45.21 MB
  26. BitchuteRip20200903/Bulldozing Some Fags & Shitlib White Femoid-eAiQvfuCjbFC.mp422.78 MB
  27. BitchuteRip20200903/Canadian Hipster Chick Listens to My Facts About Blacks-LofDNI2X2JdE.mp419.91 MB
  28. BitchuteRip20200903/Chat With a 'Pansexual' Degenerate About Gay Agenda & Jews-NB29iI7gRWeG.mp421.81 MB
  29. BitchuteRip20200903/Choir Simps Meet Conquistador-PYpkR5P5ClmR.mp4162.70 KB
  30. BitchuteRip20200903/Computer Nerd Gets Educated About White Genocide-LB2Lv7fRveiU.mp47.81 MB
  31. BitchuteRip20200903/Conquistador Confronts Satanic Lesbian BLM Supporter-vtrpzlfOtutO.mp46.48 MB
  32. BitchuteRip20200903/Conquistador Wrecks Some Mind-Damaged Skanky 14-Year-Old Bisexuals-3J1lav0YrwCP.mp452.63 MB
  33. BitchuteRip20200903/Crushing a Dumb Australian Bitch-sUP50WdNzudE.mp422.47 MB
  34. BitchuteRip20200903/Crushing Some Femoids-zMkvpoXEwoyq.mp47.10 MB
  35. BitchuteRip20200903/Debate With Dindu Moslem & Hapa Femoid-AimpMsRBq7YE.mp479.50 MB
  36. BitchuteRip20200903/Debate With Self-Hating White Girls Who Worship Blacks-u8zqsjtly4Ij.mp416.03 MB
  37. BitchuteRip20200903/Debate With Spanish Antifa Fag-tI7wHIGRAYIY.mp454.45 MB
  38. BitchuteRip20200903/Debating a Stupid African About Her Race's Failure-9gPatUxkFkpN.mp417.69 MB
  39. BitchuteRip20200903/Debating Race With Scrawny Cuckservative & Little G Urkel-RIPQasIRnW3s.mp446.87 MB
  40. BitchuteRip20200903/Depressed Loser Has No Purpose in Life-Z6atUR951o6p.mp412.46 MB
  41. BitchuteRip20200903/Dindu White Supremacy-OwJgAPpy3vms.mp41.85 MB
  42. BitchuteRip20200903/Diversity is Great-vFMhLp9Czev0.mp42.11 MB
  43. BitchuteRip20200903/Dropping a BLM-Supporting White Whore-v1rXyTo58LGp.mp42.89 MB
  44. BitchuteRip20200903/Dropping Jew & Race Truth Bombs On Some Silly Wahmen-0ntD3IXLjsi5.mp427.51 MB
  45. BitchuteRip20200903/Dutch Girl Chokes on Some Holohoax Red Pills-2S1OJxPOtqLW.mp416.66 MB
  46. BitchuteRip20200903/Educating a Gay Negro About His Race-uCA1JGSEUJW3.mp411.23 MB
  47. BitchuteRip20200903/Educating Some Anti-White Lesbos About their Perversions-bwYgaTu1Qpwy.mp443.55 MB
  48. BitchuteRip20200903/Educating Some Australian Centrists About Female Privilege & White Genocide-kveonsQ2ce9h.mp463.23 MB
  49. BitchuteRip20200903/English Femoid Twat Makes Excuses For Black Crime-0bmykf274yCr.mp437.08 MB
  50. BitchuteRip20200903/English Girl Says Crime Stats About Blacks Are Racist-GoeAvPWoyMoy.mp42.39 MB
  51. BitchuteRip20200903/Eviscerating an Anti-White Femoid-99fDenXh0cLF.mp417.09 MB
  52. BitchuteRip20200903/Exposing White Genocide on Random Radio Show-CgBxiAksLIZO.mp498.78 MB
  53. BitchuteRip20200903/Fat Kid Gets a Lesson on 'Diversity'-St2zQbUIdDJh.mp47.76 MB
  54. BitchuteRip20200903/Female Gorilla Tries to Justify Negro Insurrection-7l7PNCNykR19.mp412.85 MB
  55. BitchuteRip20200903/Feminism is Great-TAlYZ83I3bcJ.mp42.75 MB
  56. BitchuteRip20200903/Feminist Lesbian Self-Destructs & Rage Quits-MjuneclbyFeg.mp424.83 MB
  57. BitchuteRip20200903/Femoid BLM Supporter Has Negro Fetish-rqCdS9rmveY9.mp43.18 MB
  58. BitchuteRip20200903/Finally a White Girl Who Gets It!-JJAaDRkZOUa3.mp410.73 MB
  59. BitchuteRip20200903/Gender Fluid Emo Girl Gets Smothered With Facts About Black Crime-cnNJfbEoCKCS.mp419.35 MB
  60. BitchuteRip20200903/Giving Life Advice to Some Clueless Dimwits-1591NuBqEgw9.mp42.32 MB
  61. BitchuteRip20200903/Groyper Massacre Charlie Kirk & TPUSA!-DEh4sDMYrXfA.mp462.94 MB
  62. BitchuteRip20200903/Half-Black Kid Concedes the Facts About Anti-White Agenda-Y44ArxMRBH50.mp417.09 MB
  63. BitchuteRip20200903/Half-Breed Gets An Earful of Pro-White Truth-TRj8UQYmMEdQ.mp471.04 MB
  64. BitchuteRip20200903/Haughty Sheboon Proves the Violent Nature of Her Race-rN68IIfxmk6F.mp426.47 MB
  65. BitchuteRip20200903/Hippy Chick is Told About Her Leftist Mind Pathology-PyEPvAvWYG5C.mp410.85 MB
  66. BitchuteRip20200903/Hispanic Girl Sympathizes With Whites-kgmHoCUiTu3V.mp420.28 MB
  67. BitchuteRip20200903/Holohoax Debate With Pro-Establishment College Nerd-Rz4Y1ZvjjGlm.mp421.62 MB
  68. BitchuteRip20200903/I'm Caleb Maupin, Folks.-9gI5FqxjvAxU.mp41.97 MB
  69. BitchuteRip20200903/Icelandic Teens Know the Score-qEyniEj4sORr.mp49.32 MB
  70. BitchuteRip20200903/If Jews Can Have An Ethnostate (Israel) Why Can't Whites-oxtZX3STG97H.mp429.18 MB
  71. BitchuteRip20200903/Irish Dyke Gets Smacked Down By Spaniard Chad-44x4QSpfHuSQ.mp47.15 MB
  72. BitchuteRip20200903/Joe Biden & #MeToo-ehLQSwdGkB9T.mp41.92 MB
  73. BitchuteRip20200903/Latest Niggerism-QWgxs21UD7oq.mp414.21 MB
  74. BitchuteRip20200903/Lecturing a Jewess About the Evils of Her Race-kEAp2eAVGrik.mp443.89 MB
  75. BitchuteRip20200903/Lecturing a Jewish Dyke About Tribal Subversion-cpwBh6aMKwKD.mp48.85 MB
  76. BitchuteRip20200903/Left-Wing Aussie Girl Hit With Facts About Race & Identity-gSvkJefLXaj0.mp474.83 MB
  77. BitchuteRip20200903/Leftist Bitch Says White People Suck-L5y1e81wIDVB.mp420.51 MB
  78. BitchuteRip20200903/Leftist Gook Rage Quits Race Debate-QYMTV8P0lqgA.mp412.91 MB
  79. BitchuteRip20200903/Liberal Female Won't Accept that Jews Are Spies for Israel-DjUSLRMVz7B0.mp46.94 MB
  80. BitchuteRip20200903/Liberal Guy Runs from Debate-1RRyJSohkbWJ.mp46.58 MB
  81. BitchuteRip20200903/Lindsay Shepherd & Centrist Gatekeepers-rwWAdwnVuWdp.mp422.04 MB
  82. BitchuteRip20200903/Little Dindu Don't Like Muh Style!-YLu21cjRDLTW.mp42.08 MB
  83. BitchuteRip20200903/Little NASA Wigga Denies Racial Science-c3WrPZPNCJdL.mp46.29 MB
  84. BitchuteRip20200903/Little Scuffle With a Satanist-88NGXwUDvocg.mp49.41 MB
  85. BitchuteRip20200903/Little Tiff With Gook Girl Who Could Care Less About Whites-I2m10hclGzlx.mp47.00 MB
  86. BitchuteRip20200903/Loopy Jewess Gets Wrecked On the JQ-h05UB82mg6Zu.mp431.71 MB
  87. BitchuteRip20200903/MARTINEZ RANTS - Feminism is Killing the West-I9oTKTsJIgYI.mp423.52 MB
  88. BitchuteRip20200903/Martinez vs. Black Princess-baWIJFPHnFFd.mp456.90 MB
  89. BitchuteRip20200903/Matador Crushes Brown Girl & Jew Kid-9QyDzQyBaTEX.mp411.67 MB
  90. BitchuteRip20200903/Matador Tells Perverted Faggot Dressed Like a Pig to Do Roman Salute-zfAEuJ6zbTrK.mp41.07 MB
  91. BitchuteRip20200903/Mauling a BLM_Antifa Supporter With Facts-nL1bfkU2YNH1.mp423.99 MB
  92. BitchuteRip20200903/Mentally Ill Homo Threatens to Slap the Conquistador!-fE7JJz5ziGnz.mp410.41 MB
  93. BitchuteRip20200903/Mexican Queer Has No Facts-cJ5QhrdZH6Qv.mp415.52 MB
  94. BitchuteRip20200903/Mixed Race Lesbian Poster Child for Kalergi Globalism-w7jKCAjEflCK.mp432.39 MB
  95. BitchuteRip20200903/Mulatto Half-Breed Supports Jewish Globalist Agenda of Race-Mixing-6xPCLWtzuRQu.mp424.76 MB
  96. BitchuteRip20200903/Mystery Meat Femoid Admits She's Anti-White-0BC8y0ptvKzA.mp411.76 MB
  97. BitchuteRip20200903/Naive Girl Wants a Communist Utopia-JrwUyVxaPk2C.mp422.69 MB
  98. BitchuteRip20200903/Negress Has No Answers-eIgJb112YzHU.mp437.81 MB
  99. BitchuteRip20200903/Negro Child Gets Triggered By White Activist-CuT2AeZSeOHC.mp4267.00 KB
  100. BitchuteRip20200903/Nice Libertarian Girl Learns That Hitler Was The Man-l0awkgdGONXk.mp413.69 MB
  101. BitchuteRip20200903/Nick Fuentes' Cozy Relations With Jewish Shills-qSPvjXyuwFBi.mp419.11 MB
  102. BitchuteRip20200903/Non-Binary Dyke Gets a Lecture About Jew Agenda to Destroy Whites-3HtQLzccQki2.mp416.78 MB
  103. BitchuteRip20200903/Obliterating Some Anti-White Femoids-ELiunxSd4G4V.mp411.21 MB
  104. BitchuteRip20200903/Owning a Left-Wing Spanish Bitch-cFILDvIng1Xw.mp43.15 MB
  105. BitchuteRip20200903/Owning a Lippy Shithead-l7I7C8946d7f.mp41.26 MB
  106. BitchuteRip20200903/Purple-Haired Sheboon Says the Groids Dindu Nuffin!-Qe43hcoKAezX.mp444.57 MB
  107. BitchuteRip20200903/Quarreling With Some Degenerate Dykes-jbxJAIMZmCcy.mp45.84 MB
  108. BitchuteRip20200903/Quarreling with Some Entitled Coloreds-TLXpFKMW1lbH.mp430.69 MB
  109. BitchuteRip20200903/Quick TKO of Whiny Shitlib Femoids-buWADCfnIYOJ.mp44.49 MB
  110. BitchuteRip20200903/Race & Jew Debate With Stuck-Up British Lesbo-gUmjm2adfiXq.mp442.39 MB
  111. BitchuteRip20200903/Race Debate With a Race-Blind Centrist-yenfPeGg524H.mp448.44 MB
  112. BitchuteRip20200903/Race Debate With Cocky Indian Teenager-ESZkqm9o9qAA.mp489.67 MB
  113. BitchuteRip20200903/Random Red Pilling + Holocaust Debate With Arrogant Dyke-D1LTuo6O0w8B.mp450.52 MB
  114. BitchuteRip20200903/Red Pilling a pro-Zionist Icelander On the JQ-VihQGQMskA8Y.mp463.71 MB
  115. BitchuteRip20200903/Red Pilling White Kid + Run In With Typical Shitlib Femoid-bKIXKMcF4sx9.mp412.38 MB
  116. BitchuteRip20200903/Red-Pilled Kid Knows the Score-d0JU83QVjHt1.mp410.75 MB
  117. BitchuteRip20200903/Retarded Girl Says You Can Change Your Gender But Not Race-lVJtEFTtvPPQ.mp42.94 MB
  118. BitchuteRip20200903/Roasting a Young Mudshark-7IeaUEVvp9nJ.mp411.18 MB
  119. BitchuteRip20200903/Run-In With Antifa Bisexual & Unhinged Mulatta Child-FopZVEcffbVF.mp430.18 MB
  120. BitchuteRip20200903/Russian Guy Recognizes Me-0wlQv5EqJ5BY.mp417.53 MB
  121. BitchuteRip20200903/Satanic Faggots Get Told to Go to Israel-IuuEeAU64dID.mp42.81 MB
  122. BitchuteRip20200903/Scottish Femoid Twat Doesn't Care if Moslems Conquer Her Country-WZxuvvfilcvR.mp48.09 MB
  123. BitchuteRip20200903/Send Her Back to Africa!-2tMh4krbvbDL.mp49.81 MB
  124. BitchuteRip20200903/Shaming Some Stupid Sluts-0dT8m4QwJ7gC.mp43.87 MB
  125. BitchuteRip20200903/Shifty Jew Obfuscates Jewish Culpability for Iraq War-KT5YpUwSyAJX.mp43.93 MB
  126. BitchuteRip20200903/Showing People Videos of Blacks Looting-CIAqD5FoPBwm.mp411.23 MB
  127. BitchuteRip20200903/Slaying Some Queers-pjkjgOZq7i2U.mp412.74 MB
  128. BitchuteRip20200903/Smoking a White Female BLM Supporter-g0vbh109BWyq.mp413.21 MB
  129. BitchuteRip20200903/Sneaky Jew Tries to Deny the Influence of His Race-jTseU7AuA40q.mp45.49 MB
  130. BitchuteRip20200903/Some Based Brown People-CBgrVnyqvpBO.mp418.89 MB
  131. BitchuteRip20200903/Some Random Trolling-EPDJbJNeLrCG.mp428.67 MB
  132. BitchuteRip20200903/Spanish Bigot Educates Retards About the Jewish Problem-70sUiCUXx80n.mp415.94 MB
  133. BitchuteRip20200903/Spanish Bigot Invades Negroid Chat to Drop Truth Bombs About Women-WvdprJQFlV6c.mp434.58 MB
  134. BitchuteRip20200903/Spanish Bigot TKO's Leftist In Diversity Debate-2rIf6biBlASZ.mp415.73 MB
  135. BitchuteRip20200903/Stupid Femoid Begs for Money, Gets Tricked into Sieg Heil-xkNInEuNhCaB.mp42.47 MB
  136. BitchuteRip20200903/Stupid Slags Spew Anti-White Rhetoric-1PkSWz6V45gB.mp41.47 MB
  137. BitchuteRip20200903/Subversive Anti-White Jewess Supports Both Israel & BLM!-noV9rm1F8IBu.mp410.32 MB
  138. BitchuteRip20200903/Swatting Down a Mouthy Mulatto-5k1dx4kOZcjI.mp410.07 MB
  139. BitchuteRip20200903/Teaching a Liberal Kid Pride in Race-yxuhsSY2XfhR.mp418.65 MB
  140. BitchuteRip20200903/Teaching a Negress About Her Race & Double Standards-H2fF0ffLeL67.mp443.88 MB
  141. BitchuteRip20200903/Teaching a Slut About Jews-7M55uK4yNzVe.mp413.94 MB
  142. BitchuteRip20200903/Teaching Some Femoids About their Pathology of Negro Worship-FynfNGvCXhxt.mp423.31 MB
  143. BitchuteRip20200903/Teaching UK Teens About the Splendid Policies of Hitler-EeG6uOI0DjDp.mp422.28 MB
  144. BitchuteRip20200903/TEAM APE VS TEAM WHITE-EAdgaaMxM7zc.mp417.52 MB
  145. BitchuteRip20200903/Teenage Feminists Learn that Men Are Better-TKWZ2VqF3fsT.mp45.49 MB
  146. BitchuteRip20200903/Telling a Black Bitch to Go Back to Africa-0YMh62TbuBwj.mp43.76 MB
  147. BitchuteRip20200903/Telling a Muslim About His Religion-5YdS0tUkWO2Q.mp47.89 MB
  148. BitchuteRip20200903/Telling a Woman that Women Shouldn't Vote-JyJrLTaU90AG.mp43.17 MB
  149. BitchuteRip20200903/The Attack On White Identity-ropCmp9MNjA6.mp47.74 MB
  150. BitchuteRip20200903/This is Why Women Don't Deserve Rights-G0XUuhsxrs3A.mp45.75 MB
  151. BitchuteRip20200903/Thrashing Some Sheboons-usRMOUkaZ0Xf.mp43.91 MB
  152. BitchuteRip20200903/Time to End Jewish Privilege-l53h0xCGDfEh.mp431.32 MB
  153. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling a Fat Cow & Queer Friends-BvPexRIOAbRA.mp43.90 MB
  154. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling a Moslem Queer-r0sjWlfUlAVi.mp455.44 MB
  155. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling some blacks-GGE9Ad1hBbUI.mp48.81 MB
  156. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some BLM Bitches-Eit3VwRnaPg8.mp46.33 MB
  157. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some Dotheads-jaIwZpK8RjFz.mp49.48 MB
  158. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some Dykes-4RxyFv5OFG1l.mp415.30 MB
  159. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some Fools About the Negro Penchant for Looting-sxTQxwc79IE4.mp416.56 MB
  160. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some Jews With Hitler Video-4BxPYTPMPvVC.mp44.94 MB
  161. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some Mudsharks-KdRgYvu8anhg.mp414.35 MB
  162. BitchuteRip20200903/Trolling Some Privileged POCs-qtzauuRgYYHi.mp412.47 MB
  163. BitchuteRip20200903/Trump Supporter Shows His True Libtard Colors-1vZhbR2BRHfS.mp420.09 MB
  164. BitchuteRip20200903/Tussle With Some Negro-Worshipping Coal Burners-n4FEKNmTXEnv.mp416.48 MB
  165. BitchuteRip20200903/Tussling With a Brainwashed Feminist-384h0Ed3Z33L.mp441.87 MB
  166. BitchuteRip20200903/Unhinged Liberal Kid Wants to Be the Slave of Blacks-RL8okPTOr0s0.mp431.11 MB
  167. BitchuteRip20200903/Walking While White in Baltimore-HBHdFFOmyhVN.mp41.08 MB
  168. BitchuteRip20200903/Weird Conversation With Some Guy Obsessed With Lebanon & Russia-TbLEfMsrq1Ld.mp420.08 MB
  169. BitchuteRip20200903/Weird Dyke Admits Women Have Privileges-LRaNsfQfmCzD.mp413.69 MB
  170. BitchuteRip20200903/Weird Jew Admits Some Truths Then Obfuscates Hard With Conspiratard Theories About Hitler-bG37mtRGiNXJ.mp446.03 MB
  171. BitchuteRip20200903/Whiny Whore Admits Her Native American Privilege-ZB1HEYMgPYsQ.mp434.56 MB
  172. BitchuteRip20200903/White Kid Almost Takes the Red Pill-4my7iRCXn8Z6.mp45.39 MB
  173. BitchuteRip20200903/White Kid Comes Around to White Identity-LELd7nvsD1kR.mp418.27 MB
  174. BitchuteRip20200903/White Kid Gets It!-6xxqB1wn2u6S.mp432.48 MB
  175. BitchuteRip20200903/White Male BLM Supporter Learns Facts About Blacks & Bails Instantly!-pYSakyi2WSpP.mp41.72 MB
  176. BitchuteRip20200903/White Man Educates Black Girl About Jew Agenda Against Whites-159oW09aWKT3.mp434.94 MB
  177. BitchuteRip20200903/White Man Teaches Pacific Islander Girl About White Genocide-lvtAowve2YOR.mp432.54 MB
  178. BitchuteRip20200903/White Sluts & Black Guys-L9eSUzrAsoy2.mp46.00 MB
  179. BitchuteRip20200903/Why Women's Liberation Was a Big Mistake-ER1VaqUitsWm.mp419.60 MB
  180. BitchuteRip20200903/Wigger vs. Conquistador-s81d7yWEi47g.mp45.05 MB
  181. BitchuteRip20200903/Wrecking a Radical Femoid on Racism-4HlFu5BXlQqd.mp416.70 MB
  182. BitchuteRip20200903/You Be Racist, Yo!-brfsPaHBWCtU.mp47.04 MB
  183. BitchuteRip20200903/Young Black Girl Educated About the Stupidity of Her Victim Ideology-WLwcV0LOe3QG.mp432.78 MB