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*** 2-pass 360p encoding for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox, portable and mobile devices (Ipod, Itouch) . ***
*** Video is 640x360 H264; audio is 44.1 kHz/stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***

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First, let me say thanks for all the work you do.

How/why do you decide when to encode something in H264 vs. xvid? What do you use to encode your files?

If I ask too much, just let me know, but I'm interested in converting some of my own video collection.
@dice100: Thanks. First, I need to say that XviD haven't be "reworked" nor seriously touched six years. People get used to it, and he gained popularity in file-sharing community. That's why doubts (and personal attacks on me) exists in the first place. There is nothing else, no reason beyond "voices in head" which someone listen to - too much. H264 is the same as x264 or AVC1, it is relatively new compression technique invented (the base) maybe 8 years ago. H264 never gained popularity as XviD have, simply because of the abuse, when majority of the encoders started to use H264 just as a modern replacement for now old and obsolete XviD and verbatim copying some "imaginary" rules from well learned habits into completely new world of H264.

So, decision "XviD or not", in my case, would be made on basis of the target audience and nothing else. There is no real question: H264 is superior in any possible way. AAC over MP3 for audio (sound) is silly to even place one.
Meanwhile (last year or two), H264 gained widest acceptance between manufacturers of mobile devices, game consoles and stand-alone players that in reality, current production of H264 capable devices overcome XviD capable ones.

What decision will you make is completely upon you, depends on many factors only you could know and consider.

Regarding software: I use my own - BUT out there is like zillion of video converters and best ones are for free. Simple ones (called "one-click" converters) are easy to use, most have templates user can pick upon target and prior knowledge is not required.
However, if one wants or needs (maybe after "one-click" converters have been "overgrown") I suggest MeGUI or HandBrake, Avisynth and - learning as it goes, most often by reading about and spending days in tries and gaining the knowledge and experience.
@skillet92: No love anymore?

Seriously, WhenInRome BluRay is in the process of getting one and then would be encoded - either as 480p or 720p.